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  1. Well finally it work. I set again the avionics on Alpha Yoke on MSFS menu and reset all profiles on Honeycomb App.
  2. Well finally i find why it doesn't work. I set again the avionics on Alpha Yoke on MSFS menu and reset all profiles.
  3. Well i have the Honey Alpha and Bravo controllers and i could not engage the AP on CRJ when i have the Honeycomb Bravo connect. If i have both controllers connect i could not activate the AP on the yoke Alpha and on the Bravo Throttle. When i have only the Yoke connect i can engage the AP and when i have only the BRAVO throttle connect i can´t engage the Autopilot. This happen even using the mouse on CRJ cockpit. So i think that there are some kind issue with Bravo that i could not find yet. I don´t know if anyone have this issue that could help me. Thanks a lot.
  4. Well i find what it making this issue. I have the Honeycomb Alpha Yoke and since last week the Bravo Throttles. When i disconnect the Bravo and the keep Alpha ON i can use the Autopilot. When i disconnect the ALPHA and keep BRAVO on i could not engage the AP, so the problem is with the Throttle Bravo. I remove all binding keys associate to Autopilot on BRAVO on menu of the sim but it didn't work also. I have try try change the profile on Honeycomb APP.
  5. I do a clean install without aerosoft one app and still the same.
  6. Thanks but i only could do that after work. I think that the message on PDF and MDF are normal messages and the disengage bar is ok because i test disengage and engage again to test. I have already associate that to any of turbulence because with REX Weather sometimes the plane is not stable but i try using the sim live weather and it´s the same. I have to try not using live weather. The NAV, SPEED etc etc are ok and i only try engage the Autopilot above 2000ft and with a rotation angle of +/- 10º. CRJ is the only aircraft that i like fly in MSFS.
  7. Hi. I have to do a clean installation of MSFS an after install CRJ again from Airsoft One, after takeoff with CRJ 1000 i could set VNAV, NAV,SPEED but the autopilot button don´t work. I try to fly without using REX Weather and using only the live weather from the simulator change liveries but i could not engage autopilot as usual. I read that since last update there is some issue with some functions but i don´t read nothing about AP. Anyone have this "issue"? Thanks.
  8. i had the same issue but I don´t know why but changing livery that was set it works (yerterday). I think that was one of iberia livery. Try with another one.
  9. Verify if the sim have those runways. On UMMS with simbrief planner i have to try landing for 3 times with no success on 13L and after that i saw that the the sim don´t have this runway.
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