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  1. Hey Mathijs, I was just wondering how the 900/1000 are progressing (hopefully good :)). I know we technically aren’t supposed to ask, but it’s been quite some time since you’ve mentioned it. I was just curious if you were planning to give a status update anytime soon? No worries if you’d rather not. I understand wanting to wait until it’s ready.
  2. Google should be every sim pilots best friend
  3. Here’s another helpful tip since the CRJ has tons of slow turning knobs—If you hold the shift key while turning a knob with scroll wheel, the default value for that dial is doubled. For example, landing elevation goes up by 20 each tick. If you hold shift and scroll, it goes up by 40. Same for altitude (i.e. 100 becomes 200). This works for all knobs, including panel lighting and works on all planes. Makes life a lot easier. Cheers!
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