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  1. I just did a fresh install of all of the aircraft 550,7,9,1000 and its fixed. I honestly am not sure what the cause was. It was every CRJ700 livery that came with the aircraft that was giving me issues Thank you all for trying to help.. Admin please close this as its been resolved Thanks
  2. I don't believe so.. I haven't made any changes. Tried uninstalling both a/c and deleting all the files but no avail.
  3. Not sure if anyone else is having this issue, but I hear no engine sounds inside or cockpit sounds like the 900. Just hear a fan/humming noise in exterior view but no engine noise. I have tried full uninstall and reinstall but to no avail. Anyone have any ideas? Cheers
  4. Wohooo!!! Glad to hear it.. Cheers
  5. Any updates to progress with the CRJ? Been about over a month with no news? Thanks
  6. For sure!! I am willing to wait so that we get a stellar product
  7. Yeah, just disappointing thats all...
  8. Yeah I saw that posting I just hadn't heard since then... yeah..
  9. I hadn't seen any recent posts on how things were going with this? Anyone able to share progress update? Thanks
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