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  1. On vigra ENAL it changes to 118.1 as soon as you enter the location of the aircraft in the IRS. (ENAL + copy paste the current pos). I use to start the sim from dark and cold.
  2. Hi, I posted the question in the wrong departement last time so i try again. First I will say I am for the most part satisfied with your product, but I did meet a problem while trying to change frequency on COM 1. it seems to me that after You hav aligned the IRS then the com frequency is stuck on whatever AirPort You are in, and I am not able to change it. The frequency just chances back. Since i play om watsim i also tried to change to com2, but I was only able to recieve there and not transmit. thanks for any tip. best regards Jan Olav Hansen
  3. I can change it before I copy and paste the position into the IRS.
  4. I use to fly on vatsim, but i am not able to change the frequncy forcommunication on com 1. it is now 131.330, when i try to change it it just auto tunes back to this frequency. what am I doing wrong? best regards jan olav Hansen
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