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  1. Thank you very much - I'm trying to avoid making a lock-in decision which I later regret regarding the version I go with. At the moment I'm favouring steam as it gives me access to the executable itself so I can manage compatibility settings. Final question and then I'll go away 🙂 I'm going to install both versions on my system (against the same gamer tag) - if I fire up the CRJ installer, do I tell it where the game dir is or does it try to find it itself? If the latter then it may preclude concurrent install I guess.
  2. Good morning - I hope you can help with two questions related to MSFS as I am looking to purchase the CRJ. From other threads it appears that it makes sense to buy direct from the shop here which is fine by me. 1. How is installation achieved? Is it an executable and installed direct or is it a "license" which shows an entitlement in the MS store? 2. If I have two licensed copies of FS2020 - 1 via MS Store and 1 via Steam, am I able to install for use by both installations (NOT concurrently) or do I need to pick one and accept that's the only install it will work on? Many thanks
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