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  1. It is the default mapping, i moved this switch up. I'm going to check which key binding is set there.
  2. Hello, yes, first, it is the default mapping, so i didn't personally set this one up, but the switch that i turned on (up), is the one the pic. I'm doing a flight right now, but i will check later what is mapped there and let you know.
  3. Hello, it's solved, it was related to a mapping issue on the honeycomb throttle panel, just changed one switch and all is working fine.
  4. Hello, I found the issue, it was related with the mapping of the honeycomb Throttle panel, just changed a switch and started all working fine.
  5. Hello, i got the following issues: - Autopilot not engaging. (yaw dumpers are active)(Flight director is active) NAV and Speed lights turn on but AP does not engage. - ATC window not working. I tried removing all the content from community folder Uninstalled from the MS marketplace, removed old folder and reinstalled. Tried using the ready for taxi option, doubting my procedure, that always worked in the past, now was not working, but it is the same.
  6. hello, yes, yaw dumpers are activated, i'm testing the plane now, besides the FD button, auto pilot does not engage at all. It was working perfectly with the SU4 and was able to use fine, since the SU5 nothing works, and with this last update nothing changed here. No ATC working, nor Autopilot.
  7. Hello, today I updated the CRJ in Microsoft Flight Simulator store to version 1.0.9. I'm still having the same issues. ATC window does not work. If I press the right mouse button, shows the menu, a very odd behaviour, still even it shows that way I can't make use of it cause it dissapears the cursor. Flight Director, when pressed, does not turn on the lights and neither the autopilot. Tested with the Ready to Taxi option to avoid it is not my procedure, but the issue remains.
  8. Ok looks like, it is not real that i can upload videos XD
  9. Still having the flight director issue, even it shows now on the flight simulator market place, that is not 1.0.6 version, show 1.0.9... strange. Flight director lights do not turn on, and the radio still does not work. Attached videos as example. IMG_1103.mov IMG_1104.mov
  10. I did update it, also removed and reinstalled. But issue remained.
  11. Yes, i tried that thinking my procedure was wrong, but ATC still shows like power is not turned on and the Autopilot does not engage and flight direct lights don't turn on.
  12. Hello, after the SU5 update and after reading the FAQ, I have not found any solution for the following items: - After connecting the CRJ to power and turning the APU on, it indicates the radio that it is still turned off and does not let me comm with the ATC. - Flight director lights don't turn on, lights work on the Speed and NAV, but cannot engage Autopilot. I tried uninstalling, and also tried enable dev mode and fup the instructions provided regarding the WASM, CRJ still behaves the same way, the rest is working fine.
  13. hi Mathijs, do you know if there is going to be a delay on the 1.0.6 update between the version from the marketplace vs the one bought directly with aerosoft?
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