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  1. I'm absolutely 100% certain. It also has an RTX 3090 which are even harder to get. Lucky I guess.
  2. Can not follow up in the other topics, as all other threads on the issue have been closed.
  3. I am having the same problem that many others have reported of black screens upon loading the aircraft and clicking the efb has no effect - the efb stays dark. The engines are running, and I can control the engine power, but the throttles do not move in the cockpit. I purchased through the ME store. i have tried every solution I could find - including deleting the m files (which I could not find due to there not being the folder associated in the location given in previous threads about the issue, removed everything from the community folder, and then uninstalling and reinstalling, renaming the sim connect, etc., etc. i have a very fast system, but the airplane does not seem to go through the 10 minute initialization that it says it should. Normal load times in to the sim, and then it seems ready to go straight away (apart from nothing working) on first load. After installing, I have let it sit for >30 minutes with no effect. I also have noticed that browsing through relative threads, all of the threads seem to get closed prematurely, before a real solution can be found. I am on the current version of both the sim and the CRJ.
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