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  1. Hello everyone, all of this is new for me.I will pay for SpadNex, but is difficult yo use?I only have radio panel but i want more panels on the future. Regards
  2. Spad.next is necesary to configure the radio panel to use it with aerosoft aircrafts? As i see, is free for a limited time, do i have to buy it also to use the panel with this aircraft?
  3. Hello, since i bought the CRJ, i cannot change vor or transponder frequencies by the Logitech radio panel, only the com frequencies works. The transponder and nav only response directly on the cockpit knob, when i change the transponder on the Logitech radio panel, on the cockpit dont change, but when i change transponder on cockpit, it changes on logitech radio panel. Some times the transponder numbers on logitech radio panel flash, it looks like incompatibility. This only happen with this aircraft on the simulator, i have updated the CRJ to last version. Can help?regards
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