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  1. But I already have DirectX 9.0 installed, and my graphics card is a Mobile Intel 4 series express Chipset Family. The game also crashes a lot now that i have updated my driver, and the cause appears to be a graphics accellarator called "ig4icd32.dll" (that name appears in the "fault module name" part of the APPCRASH message) and I do not have any idea of how to fix it.
  2. Help me! I have updated my graphics driver recently, but now when I try to start or play city bus simulator, I get just a black screen instead of the game. I can hear the SFX and the ambiance and everything, but I can not see any graphics in the game whatsoever except the text and menus and stuff. ='( Could someone please help me? Thanks a million if you know how to fix this
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