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  1. I've read elsewhere it might be a binding issue, but any advice on how I find out which one? That's a LOT of controls! I'll include screenshots in the future, but the only error message on my display is low right engine oil pressure, which I presume clears when the engine starts. All other errors/cautions are cleared. I'll try it again later and do screenshots if it doesn't work again. Thanks.
  2. Hi all, After going through multiple cold and dark videos, forums, checklists, etc, I can get the left engine started, but the right engine will not start afterwards. Ideas? If I click the "ready to taxi" state, both engines start without issues. Thoughts? Thanks!
  3. Just tested the first in XP11 in the SSG E-Jet, no problem. Apples and oranges I know, but it doesn't drop the last waypoint and corrects to get there for ILS capture in the images below. I just flew the reverse flight plan (KACK to KHVN) in the CRJ in MSFS, which doesn't have as sharp a turn, and it was fine, no issues.
  4. Sure, absolutely. Thank you. It's KHVN runway 20 departure direct to HTO, and then the NEWBE3 STAR to the ILS approach for runway 24 of KACK. I've generally been at 150-180 knots: KHVN/20 DCT HTO NEWBE3 KACK/24 While it's a sharp turn to the ILS approach, it's a flight plan I've flown many times in planes of all kinds in XP11 (esp the ERJ and E-Jets) without difficulty and they seem to have more than enough time to get back on course to the last waypoint of the STAR (ILS capture). It's usually one of my go-to flight plans for a quick, scenic, challenging flight (KACK frequently has dramatic weather and a short runway). I've had the same phenomenon of dropped waypoints and approaches by the AP happen, though, at bigger and very heavily flown STARs for airports like KLAX that involve turns before the ILS approach: KSFO/28R WESLA4 EBAYE DCT BURGL IRNMN2 KLAX/25L Thank you!
  5. While that could be possible, it doesn't seem too fast for that phase of flight. For example, turning at this waypoint in the STAR, the AP seemed to give up on the next waypoint, which is the ILS capture waypoint, and then just levels off and flies off on its own:
  6. Any movement on this issue? I am finding that flying many Stars and approaching like the one above that the AP is having LNAV break during the turn into the ILS approach. It's turning the correct direction, but 50% of the time it seems to have decided the last 2-3 waypoints after the turn aren't recoverable, despite my being at the correct altitude and speed, and just cancels everything, levels off, and flies straight, apparently thinking I need to do a go-around?
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