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  1. Thank you so much. That was indeed the issue. I am sorry for the confusion I could have noticed that myself. I still think that the SID looks a bit weird on the PFD, but I just did the flight and it worked perfectly. I did have some problems with the ILS approach via Autopilot not following the glideslope as I would expect, but I will need to dig deeper into this. Manual landing is more fun anyway 🙂 Thanks again!
  2. Thanks guys for taking your time. I tried multiple ways. I tried with the Simbrief Downloader to download the plan to the CRJ-Folder. This import into the CRJ seems to work, though I cannot get rid of the disconnects. I tried to enter manually, but this results in the same behavior. I just uninstalled and reinstalled the CRJ, as Arriffespd62 seems to get this to work. I also tried with and without Navigraph database usage in MSFS and CRJ. With Navigraph I get the BIRG7R without it was something like BIRG6C but, results in the same problems. Here is what I get when trying to clear the disconnect with Navigraph activated. I click on the button next to BIRG7R and try to enter above on the disconnect. I get "NOT IN DATABASE", though I do see BIRG7R when going to the DEP/ARR options. When clicking on DEL and then the disconnect nothing happens. I did not get any freezes of the FMS today, so I take that as a positive 😉
  3. I am pretty new to the CRJ. Just did the tutorial flight successfully and watched a bunch of videos explaining all the systems - including the FMS. So I was quite confident to start my first "solo-flight". I thought a short hop from Marseille to Nice would be perfect, so I entered all the information for a flight from LFML to LFMN in Simbrief. It came back with the following routing: MTG6C MTG G701 BIRGO BIRG7R with departure on runway 31R and arrival on 04R. I cannot for the life of me get this into my CRJ-FMS. I am experiencing disconnects in the Flight-Plan that I cannot seem to be able to delete after I entered the STAR. I do not see any disconnects with the SID in the plan, but on the map there is a disconnect towards MTG. I had several freezes in the FMS while trying to fix that, so it is starting to get frustrating. Would anyone be able to try to enter the above data into his CRJ? Is there any clue that might help me? I have read about issues with some RNP-RNAV approaches that might cause what I experienced, but this Approach does not seem to be one of those. Thank you in advance SpiteFFM
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