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  1. Now I've uninstall it, deleted the cache for crj, re-install it. Now it works. Still don't know what went wrong.
  2. Tried it again. Still no joy. At picture 3 the plan still is empty. I've uninstalled and re-installed the CRJ, still no luck.
  3. Sure. It's created and saved within the FMS. (no simbrief or other tool)ESOKLQSA. And I flown it. ESOKLQSA.flp
  4. I've tried exactly the steps above. After It says Route Loaded, I clicked on Sec FPLN. But, after this I don't get the "Origin" and Destination :(. I don't know what else can I do. Any other suggestion? Pretty please :)?
  5. I've tried every scenario. Load from index/Pilot route secondary and primary. The same. Tried typing the file name in the fpl screen then clicked on the route LSK. All I've got is "Route Loaded", then when I click on exec, the plan is empty. No errors but no dep, dest, legs, nothing. All empty. Please help.
  6. Hello, I'm using the MSFS CRJ 550. I'm creating a new flight plan within FMS. 2. I'm going in the Route menu and save it. The file appears in the folder. 3. Restart the sim/flight in the same location 4. try to re-load the previously saved plan. It says route loaded. but after hitting the "Exec", the flight plan is empty. What am I missing? UKLLEKYT.flp
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