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  1. Great news! Much appreciated, Hans.
  2. Because CTD after marketplace update doesn't fit in any other sub forums, just a guess?
  3. There was a thread running in the General Discussion forum with people experience the same CTD as you are getting. Sadly the thread has been closed with no resolution :(
  4. Should there be an aircraft.cfg file in one of the CRJ folders? ..Local\FlightSim\Official\Steam\aerosoft-crj\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft_CRJ_700
  5. Let us know how you get on! I have the same problem here.
  6. Is there a proper way to "uninstall" the CRJ, before attempting to reinstall in MSFS store? At the moment all I can do is delete the CRJ folder. Is there anymore files that might need removing that are hidden away in other folders?
  7. Problem is still exactly the same for me. MSFS only runs with no CRJ folder. I have tried validating Steam files and now MSFS is redownloading 80gb. I will post a dump file once it has finished!
  8. That doesn't work this time, as already mentioned.
  9. Exactly the same problem and symptoms here. I can only start up MSFS once I have deleted the aerosoft-crj folder. I tried playing around with traffic variety and numbers but doesn't make any difference. Sad times, no crj :(
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