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  1. Makes sense, and shows that you have to be careful when using keyboard shortcuts. Even the "autopilot" shortcut doesn't interact well with some third party autopilots.
  2. I'm noticing that the spoiler effect (speed reduction) is vastly different when manually pulling the lever to the max, and when using the spoilers keyboard shortcut! Try it for yourself: extend the spoiler manually to max, then hit the shortcut and see that speed decreases even more. Seems like there is an issue here / anybody else getting that?
  3. I'm getting the impression that the wonderful, sharp resolution of the CRJ cockpit has been decreased due to SU5. Notably the texts that seem blurrier. Any one getting this impression too? Seems like there's a difference in how the sim renders now.
  4. Correct, I'm always loading in turnaround mode!
  5. See attached screenshots: the TOD ETA on MFD DATA shows 13:19, whereas the actual TOD, also shown on the VNAV on the MFD, happens much sooner than that (around 13:05).
  6. It definitely does interact on my setup? Attached is the ground vehicle I'm talking about, this is on a random default airport (SBBR). Upon removing the ground power in the EFB, the vehicle comes closer as you can see in the second screenshot.
  7. Whenever I remove the ground power in the EFB, I see a car coming closer to the aircraft ?
  8. Nice that @Mathijs Kok claims the Otter will have the best modelling so far. Currently the CRJ has the best modelling out of existing add-ons, especially on the cockpit. Other parties (even PMDG, Just Flight, or Carenado) have pixelated textures, sometimes very noticeable when zooming in which doesn't happen at all with the CRJ: it's perfectly crispy. My understanding for those pixelated textures (especially visible on texts) is that they're using pictures from the real aircraft, but at a too low resolution. A solution would be to put all those textures through an AI upscaler, those tools are impressive.
  9. What do you mean by selecting the runway? If you mean selecting an approach in the DEPP ARR page, then yes. Or is that a runway waypoint? Indeed, even if the plan was imported from Simbrief, it seems like there is no runway waypoint (jumps straight from a final approach point to the missed approach). How would I add that runway? I've noticed this issue also makes the DEST field of the MFD DATA page bugged: it will show the ETA as the current time. What's weird is that the time to destination is correctly computed when shown on the MFD through MFD MENU -> WINDOWS -> VNAV Thus, this makes me think this is a bug.
  10. Whenever I'm setting aircraft ZFW and Fuel in the EFB, the first click on "Set Payload in Simulator" calculates a value and changes the "target" position on the chart. But if I click a second (or subsequent) clicks, it changes to a different value and target position? How to explain this behavior, and which value is correct? Is this a bug?
  11. On the PROG page, the destination airfield has a tendency to show ---- fields. Unsure what's causing it. In the attached example, I have no discontinuity in the flight plan.
  12. @Hans Hartmann even if the throttle trick now allows me to move the lever and fly, however nothing is shown in the EFB under Raw Input Data (only ----)
  13. Okay using Throttle 1 instead of Throttle did work, the lever now moves. I haven't done a full flight to confirm yet though, only take off.
  14. Didn't fix it for me (after deleting the local state, reinstalling, and using a default livery)
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