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  1. Hi, I have Prepar3Dv4. All the screens Are Dark and I can not start the system. I am attaching pictures.
  2. Hi, I have isssues setting up the program due to MCDU and all screens Are in Cold and Dark mode. I have tried to check MCDU so I could fix it with ACFT STATE But as You can See it is impossible to choose that option. The other thing I tried is to start the Engines with Ctrl+E without Any Results at all. I cannot start the batteries, APU or use External power.
  3. I have issues starting the program. I am using Prepar3dv4. When I start the prepar and try to start the engines using Ctrl+E Nothing is happening and the screens Are still in Cold and Dark position. I have Even tried to go through MCDU setup so I could change ACT STATE to Cold and Dark But as You can See it is not highlighted at all. I tried following the normal Procedure But I can not Turn ON the batteries, APU and EXT Power. IMG_5011.MOV IMG_5013.MOV
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