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  1. Thanks for the comments. It appears to be an issue with ntdll.dll, and when searching for that, it seems to be an issue with MSFS after all, that has not been solved... Such a pity. Luckily, up to now I don't seem to get the crash in Europe.
  2. Good day, I bought the Aerosoft CRJ back in March. Having read the manual, watched some tutorials on YouTube, and not having a lot of free time, I was finally ready for a first flight yesterday. Sadly, after I start my flight, I can see the plane for a few seconds, and then my flightsim closes down. I don’t get an error message, it just closes down. I checked whether it is an OOM problem, but it is not: I am at 80% of my memory usage when it shuts down, which is the same as when I load the A320. I searched the forum, saw that it might be that my traffic has to be set to ultra, but that doesn’t solve it either. However, I am not a regular at the forum, so if someone can point me to a solution that was mentioned before, I would be happy to see. I checked different liveries to see if it is an error within the livery, also not. It also doesn't matter whether I load the -700 or -550. I have the latest version ( installed. Anyone having any ideas?
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