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  1. Assigning only two instead of three axis did the trick for me. Many thanks!
  2. The workaround assigning all three throttle axis to my yoke helps to solve the issue with the EFB not showing any raw data. But I still have the issue with the bumping N1. Question to the developers: Doesn't it require an external axis assigning when you control the throttle by simconnect?
  3. This is very sad to hear and I guess you are right. Mathijs Kok, what would you say about it? Has the project gone? Unfortunately many addons are using SimBrief to automatically connect to flight plans and therefore SimBrief is a very useful tool. It looks like Navigraph made a very good marketing decision to buy SimBrief.
  4. I'm wondering what 3rd party software can help. I only have seen Axis and Ohs mentioned, and that didn't help me unfortunately.
  5. I also have no simconnect.cfg file in my document folder. But I also have the issue with the dark cockpit. My guess is, that I caused the issue when setting EFB to start with "ready for taxi". After the next load and starting the 550 on a parking position, the cockpit stayed dark. Then I changed to the 700 and the EFB startup state was set to "ready for startup". The 700 worked so far. Then I changed again to the 550 and after loading Flightsimulator crashed. After reloading all the same as before 550 works again. Question to the developers: where is the startup setting of the EFB stored?
  6. I have the same issue: N1 is bumping up and down at it's own will sometimes. And I tried to fix this by using the demo version of Axis and Ohs. Guess what happened: nothing. The issue still persists. I just was wondering if I could have a solution for this issue before Aerosoft will fix it. The answer for me is: nope. Anyhow I extremely love that bird and I can't wait to get it flying as a bird would fly 😉
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