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  1. Evening all, I've owned the FS2020 CRJ for a few weeks and overall I'm very impressed. Some minor flaws thus far such as autopilot flies low on the glideslope. However tonight my first major flaw ( maybe ) was inbound into Innsbruck on Vatsim. I was instructed to hold at Tulsi, 180* inbound right turn. I plugged all this into the FMS and verified - unfortunately when I arrived at Tulsi the aircraft started a long roll to the left even though the HOLD page showed a right turn instruction. I entered the hold at 180knots. Same story at RTT VOR, aircraft would not follow instructed hold. Additionally, on the step descent down into Innsbruck the aircraft could not keep Alt Hold and would always enter a +-1000ft vertical speed when entering a turn. All manoeuvres at this stage were being flown under 200knots. I'm not sure if it's connected but during some turns in the cruise (calm) I noticed the cockpit seemed to be shaking. Minor, but noticeable. Anyone else experienced the above?
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