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  1. I agree, these must have been Monday units then. The Alpha Yoke which I already have for a while is an incredible product. Having said that and despite the issues with the BTQ, the Aerosoft support team has been nothing but amazing (Thanks Cedric!) - straight forward, no "template answers" and very friendly. Within a day everything has been taken care of.
  2. Hi all, I just wanted to see if anybody else who just received their BTQs have the same issues. Unfortunately i have seen this now with two units in the course of two weeks (one purchased locally and one received yesterday directly from Aerosoft). The later one has it across multiple axis levers. What happens is that some of my bravo throttle axis jitter when doing fine movements around the center position (50% of thrust). This is especially noticeable on the middle axis levers and visible in the cockpit itself which is quite annoying when you see the thrust levers jitter in the cockpit. This is how it looks in Spad.Next for example: https://youtu.be/sWTiU8J2Iwk What I have tried is: - Both (1) Calibrate via Windows Device manager and (2) reset it again - Remove from Device Manager, Restart and plug in again - Use different USB ports, including a powered USB hub - Tried on my laptop too, there i can see the same jitter when looking under "Game Controller" --> Properties None of the above solved my problems. Anybody else seen anything like this / found a solution? Or is it strictly hardware related (potentiometers)? I opened a ticket via support but wanted to see if anybody had the same issues from the latest batch of BTQs. Thank you all for your feedback! Andrej
  3. Even if no date on when to expect a fix can be shared - it's really been a while now and any additional communication towards the community on such hot topics and next patches would be great. Is a fix in the final stages of testing? Are you still facing any unforeseen difficulties? Any other cool updates to the plane that are being worked on? Having said that - love everything else about the plane!
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