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  1. That could be the case... Thank you. Do you have any charts where can I find the cruise performance depending on the weight? Can't find them.
  2. Noticed similiar issue - I need to pick CLIMB sometimes because at FL360 I got 0.720 and going down to 0.7 at cruise altitude on MAN throttle position (almost at CLB). Using Simbrief - TOW 29887 kg. When I move lever to CLB position though, I accelerate up to 0.760-0.770 and need to go back to manual and it decelerates back to 0.720 or less. Still like in previous post I cannot tell if it is pilot error but before update I did not have problem to reach stable 0.740-0750 Mach speed.
  3. Hi there, what is the reason that I do not get the time to TOD at the top of the MFD when I am close to TOD notification on my route. It just shows TOD on the map and gives me the blue ball after reaching TOD but before TOD there is no time and miles to TOD. I have no discontinuities in my flight plan and notification is available but information does not pop up. Any ideas?
  4. Hi there, does CRJ recalculate TOD after changing flight level (if u have steps for example)? I climb from FL22 to FL28 and entered that in FMS but it did not recalculate the TOD position. Is it modelled or I need to go for the rule of thumb rule (3xfirst two FL digits)?
  5. Hi there, been flying and learning CRJ for few days. First of all, love all the details of CRJ and it is a pleasure to have a possibility to get to know the system thanks to your manuals. I believe that is the Aerosoft's beginning of the journey and we will expierence even better product in next few months. One thing that I am not sure but probably I know what is causing this is the NAV/DME/ADF morse code identification. When I turn the knob and switch it I do not hear any beeps - is that connected with the MFS issue that its almost inaudible for most aircrafts? Or is that due to my not proper way of configuring aircraft? I hear VHF well though. Thank you for your assistance
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