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  1. M8keitRain MSFS Pre-1970 DC-6A EGLL HEPS 2 4,454 16:07:00 12/23/2021
  2. Landed at VABB at night in IFR Conditions. It was a rough ending to a very long flight but its good to get on the ground and stretch my legs with my crew. Looking forward to exploring what India has to offer for a tourist!!
  3. Just finished fueling up the old girl and loading on the pallet of Egyptian beer we "acquired." Time to file the flight plan and get airborne to see what new sights and experiences are waiting for us in India!!! Looking forward to stretching the legs on the DC6 with the 2300 mile flight direct.
  4. Just finished inputting the mileage and times on it. Thank you for the reminder though!!
  5. M8keitRain MSFS Pre-1970 DC-6A EGLL 1 1953 nm 06:52:54 12/23/2021
  6. After almost a 7 hour flight we landed in Port Said around 10:30 AM local time. We are going to have to take a look at our Number 2 Engine as the fuel consumption was a little high but overall it is a good start on this adventure. Looking forward to experiencing the local Egyptian culture for a few days after I catch up on a little sleep from the overnight flight.
  7. Arrived late to the party in at Heathrow after ferrying my DC6 over from the US only to find most of the other people on this trip are already gone!!! Quickly topping up fluids and refueling the old girl before taking off and heading direct to Port Said. Hoping to catch up with everyone there!!! Also if anyone needs me to haul some spare parts or anything for them between stops let me know. Cargo hold is looking mighty empty....... just saying. See you all in Egypt!!!! LEG: EGLL-HEPS
  8. This aircraft is looking better and better every single update. I cannot wait until the summer when it releases!!
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