We are looking for two additional A330 pilots to join our advisory team.  We will ask for credentials (sorry for that), but if you are willing to assist contact us on mathijs.kok@aerosoft.com

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  1. Hello Guys , I Purchased Madrid airport LEMD , for xplane11 love every thing about it , the big issue I have is very low FPS , I get 5 or 2 fps on my X-plane 11 , I'm still using 11.41 ( OGL ) Not Vulkan version because the 11.5x I have a lot of issues with it with my sceneries . my pc specs are Ram 32GB GPU RTX 2080Ti CPU i9k SSD Samsung 2TB . my Nvidia control panel options are : power management mode : optimal power threaded optimization : Auto Triple Buffering : off Vsync : use 3d application settings ( On ) I bought a lot of sceneries from Aerosoft never had like this problem . any help would be appreciated ! Thanks
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