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  1. well i know that but i just have trouble with flight plans it and is there some steps that you can skip or that are optional if it sacrifices realism
  2. the videos are so long though and bae harrier do you have discord
  3. is the plane genrally irl harder to fly than a320 or 737
  4. i just want it to be easier to fly is there a way to where i do not have to program fms
  5. Hello Aerosoft forum Im having alot of trouble with the crj its difficult for me to fly it because of my lack of knowledge of airplanes (Im a casual) but i can fly the a32nx well, and tutorial videos are nnot working very well is there any way to make things simpler or things i can do to just make it easier like skipping things i can flick switches but because of my mental disability i have trouble following complex instruction sometimes so if you guys can help out at all it would be great my main problems are flight plans and i dont know how to explain the other ones i think it related to flight plan.
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