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  1. Yes 23000 hours on CRJ 100 /200 /700 /900 /900NG altogether. Presently sick at home for 2 years, can´t wait to get back again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. As the CRJ 900 is longer and heavier you just can fly him into the ground without so many corrections in pitch only a short "pull" before touchdown. The crj was lighter and you needed to break the descent rate before touchdown more active than on CRJ900 it has a higher pitch on landing. The shocks on main gear felt also harder so the landing technique was more "active" and difficult than CRJ 900 to make a smooth landing, in my opinion
  3. Super , danke für die Antwort, wenn dem so ist kaufe ich jetzt und warte auf das Update!
  4. Here at CLH there is nearly no difference between CRJ700 and 900 in the cockpit layout , only performance and landing technique is different. We were flying them both parallel with only a short transition from 700 to 900 for about approx. 2 years. Workflow was the same. We were not allowed to fly them both at one day, only under daily special cimumstances (AOG, Flight plan change actual, .....)
  5. Hallo Wird der CRJ900/1000 ein Update sein oder ein komplett neues Flugzeug. Dies würde meine Kaufentscheidung ändern, ich würde mir nicht beide kaufen wollen, aber sonst jetzt schon den 700er fliegen und später auf das Update 900er warten. Gruß Pilotrs
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