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  1. @Mathijs Kok I don't understand the meaning of this sentence (Speed page 5) "Keep in mind it will run out of energy and will have to divert to the next point." This is the last sentence on which I block for the end of the translation before reading by 2 glider instructors. thanks in advance for your help Cordially
  2. Hi, I think this section is not appropriate for your prob. Airbus X Extended?
  3. Hi, your manual is clear (I am page 10) - How to fly the Wilga. Translate is in progress (page 10 too). Think to give you a first release tomorrow.
  4. Hi, a little return on the manual. Your web page (see page 3) of FAA are not working. https://www.faa.gov/regulations_policies/handbooks_manuals/aviation/glider_handbook/media/gfh_ch05.pdf is the real web page. https://www.faa.gov/regulations_policies/handbooks_manuals/aircraft/glider_handbook/media/gfh_ch05.pdf is your. I also take the opportunity to translate it into French (not an easy job) and i have change your web pages
  5. I can take the Wilga tomorrow (13/05/2021 17h00 (GMT+1 PARIS)) if you want.
  6. Nice work. Can I show this Manual to mine instructor for exterior helping?
  7. Hi, Can you insert a multiplayer section in topic? To know who would like to multiplayer and around what time
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