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  1. As with Tyke, I was really lucky to snap up a Bravo Throttle through Excalibur at the back end of last week, so it does seem that there have been a few UK outlets with limited stock recently. I was able to react to an 'in stock notification' email, and saw that within an hour or so, they were out of stock again. Again, many thanks to @Mathijs Kok and @Marius Ellenbürger for all the updates, whilst not always good news, it certainly went a long way to helping us understand the dire situation globally and directly on Aerosoft for Europe and UK. Could I ask that my pre-order with Aerosoft now be cancelled, which will allow your outstanding customers to move another rung up the ladder please? Thanks and regards, Kev.
  2. Hi Marius, New to the forum, but read through the numerous posts regarding Honeycomb Yokes and Throttles, it certainly seems you are doing your best under extremely trying circumstances! I'd also like to order a Honeycomb Throttle (cue laughter!) and realise there will likely be many outstanding orders before mine could be in a position to be fulfilled, are you able to give any indication of what the backlog of orders for the throttle might be? Are funds taken at the time of order, or when the item is being processed for the customer, and once placed, can an order later be cancelled if necessary? Thanks and regards, Kev.
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