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  1. Should we start sharing massively our bad experience with Aerosoft on various MSFS's facebook group ?
  2. Yep. Knowing that they are working on the next versions of the CRJ, -900. Would it be flyable or will they let us buy the product unfinished like the 550/700 ? I was fully hopeful in aerosoft work, but my trust is starting to go away.
  3. Any news ? I am starting to regret buying Aerosoft's aircraft. I paid half price of the sim to find myself with a plane that's not flying well almost 2 months after its released. That's a shame.
  4. Without counting those who do not know they can report it on the forum 🙃
  5. Good day everyone. I recently bought the CRJ and I am really happy of the result. Thank you to the team for the work. I’m having trouble in flying the CRJ. Sorry in advance if the problem was already treated elsewhere. I tried to search a solution on the FAQ and forum but didn’t find anything at the moment. At cruise in navigation mod, following the flight plan's route when the plane meets a waypoint and change its trajectory, the angle of banking is not right as the aircraft keeps zigzagging before finding its right heading. FD / AP / NAV / ALT are on. I tried turning on and off 1/2 bank but still nothing. The problem disappears when switching NAV to HDG mod. I am using modern flight mod. I followed during weeks The Dude videos. Thank you for your help.
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