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  1. Mathijs, I thought the same thing but cannot find any other key mappings related to throttles or engine... the only other ones are the "bug" ones on the honeycomb alpha (that keep you from using autopilot which is a very non issue). Dave: What's AAO? Definitely not something I'm using. I'm only using my saitek/logitech stuff and spad.next + lvar bridge. Interestingly I just did a new flight today KEWR -> KPIT. Aside from my own learning of stuff, the flight went well, engines shut down as normal, and I got my "completed" screen from the sim. Also I should note getting the completed screen wasn't a fault of the CRJ, more so my understanding. I watched a tutorial on that and realized I never took the aircraft to the "cold/dark" state. Which "fixed" that one. but as for the N2 issue I have no idea why it happened, but it didn't today so I guess I'll just keep flying and hope it never comes back again!
  2. Yesterday I configured all of my stuff as per the faq's on here, and some great guys who have already created profiles for the logitech panels. I completed my first flight with less issues then I thought I would have, but after having done my taxi to the gate (and set parking brake), I went to shut the engines down and I noticed that the left engine would not shut down. I had the throttles set to "cutoff" as I verified the right engine shutting off, but left engine did not. I had the fuel cutoff and even with shutting off fuel/hydraulics it continued to "ghost run" as I called it... like I don't understand how it could still be running.... I then decided to do the key command to shut engines off, and that shut it off, but even after N2 was still at 25%... and msfs was not recognizing my completed flight (though cabin crew announced at the gate when I opened the doors). I checked all the controller settings, and nothing was set to engine mixture. The only engine controls set were the two throttles (using a logitech throttle quadrant), and they were also calibrated inside of the CRJ. They worked perfect during the flight, and upon landing. I had no issues with them though I have not set up the reverse thrusts yet... Here's my setup in case it helps: Honeycomb alpha yoke Logitech rudder pedals Logitech throttle quadrant Logitech autopilot and comms panels logitech flight instrument panel (lcd, just one of them I use for altimeter and mostly for vfr with the 172). Honestly for being my first flight that was my only big issue.. just couldn't get the engine to shutdown...
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