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  1. Well, I don't think this is a binding problem. I usually fly the CRJ550, and there I'm not able to start the left Engine while the APU is running. But yesterday I tested in the CRJ 700, and there I was able to start the left Engine while the APU was running. I have done nothing with my key bindings. (I have done the exact same checklist in both of the planes)
  2. Don't have any photos to show at the moment. I had mixture 1 and 2 assigned, but removed them due to a bug in the sim - shutting down my engins if i presse the esc key.
  3. Is there a reason that I'm not able to start the Left engine while the APU is running? I have watched "The Dude"'s tutorials several times now (and tried to get trough most of the manuals), and I think I got the procedures right. But I'm not able to start Left Engine as long as the APU is running. Somebody know about something to check for (something I've done wrong..) ? Thanks for all help
  4. Well, I guess you're 100% right. I only run spad.neXt with pre-made profiles. I simply not have the time nor interest of making profiles my self (as I'm keen to rather spend that time flying ;)) Ofc I do not have the Logitech drivers for the Multipanel installed. But still, there is something strange with my CRJ550/700 when spad.next is running, forcing the plane to reset to Cold and dark at random moments. And as mentioned, after futher reacearch is is the same regardless of witch profile I'm running. So a easy fix for me is simply to shut spad.neXt down, and this seems to help (
  5. Okay, so after futher reacearch It seems like shutting down spad.neXt solved my problems regarding piont 3 and 4 in my post. First I thought It was the "experimental profile" for the CRJ 550/700 Saitek multipanel that caused issues, but after more research It seems like It affects all my spad next profiles therfore shutting down the spad.neXt task seems to help. (this was not a problem before version of the CRJ tho. I still have problems with point 1. Though. Sombebody mentioned to me that this can be a sim bug (as I have a fuel mixture Axis mapped to my joystick). I have
  6. Yes, I'm 100% sure about that. I've checked the esc key, and I don't have any key bindings that I use in the CRJ. The only mods I got installed is the Working title CJ4, and the WT Garmin G3000, (both latest versions). Some airports scenery and the Longitude and TBM improved flight dynamics. BUT one thing I'will try (that struck me in this very moment) Is that I have downloaded a spad next profile that should work witht he Saitek Multipanel.... MAYBE this profile is messing up for me.... I'll check out that, and update when I know more
  7. Hi. I want to report some realy anoying bugs with the Aerosoft CRJ v1.0.0.1 (in the latest version of MSFS) 1. Plane shutting down, and reset of flight computer (and a lot of the over head switches) when pressing ESC key on keyboard.. This happens every time I press the esc key on the keyboard. 2. Plane some times struggles a lot to hold the heading on the magneta line when i NAV mode. 3. When connected to the ground power (pad menu)The power is cutting at random moments, resetting the flight computer (and a lot of the over head switches) during starting proce
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