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  1. Thanks Mathijs. And thank you to everyone who responded. I guess this post can be locked now.
  2. Hello Curben, I have the latest MSFS version. 1.0 update for the CRJ is not available on MS store yet. That's why i don't have it. I've noticed now, regardless of the FMS, pushing the yoke all the way forward increases fps from 40 to 60 instantly. Goes back to 40 when you release the yoke.
  3. Hello Everyone, First of all, i would like to point out that i own the MSFS store version of the CRJ and it is not updated to latest version yet (due to Microsoft being Microsoft). I've noticed that if you look at FMS for at least 3-5 minutes, fps drops. I normally have around 50-60 fps depending on the airport and CRJ FMS drops my fps to at least 25-30. Weird thing is, pushing the yoke all the way forward fixes it. Fps drops again when yoke is back at neutral position. Is this solved at the latest release? Anyone else experiencing the same thing?
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