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  1. I tried uninstalling, then manually deleting all references to the CRJ from the community folder and the localstate folder in appdata. APU Starts now, and the aircraft states in the EFB also work correctly now. Is it possible the ASU updater broke the install? Maybe the uninstall operation needs to be more complete?
  2. The only systems I have bound to my HOTAS (that aren't a control surface axis or views) are flaps, decrease throttle, and AP/Disc. What would I look for? Nothing on my controls has changed since I updated the airplane.
  3. I'm pulling my hair out here. Doesn't matter what I do, the APU will not start since updating today. I've done a bunch of flights in this airplane, I'm familiar with the procedure, I have started the APU successfully several times. Battery on - Fire test - PWR/FUEL - wait for door to be open - Start. Loading cold and dark (not setting via EFB), do the things listed above, nothing happens. No mention of the APU on EICAS, APU Door state remains ----, No symbology ever appears. I have tried just waiting like 30 seconds after pushing PWR/FUEL and starting it anyway, nothing. Even when I click the "Ready for Startup" preset on the EFB I can't start it. The Door state switches to open and I get the symbology, but when I actually try and start the APU nothing happens, no EGT rise, nothing. There is fuel in all 3 tanks, everything looks correct, but the APU refuses to start. I have uninstalled the CRJ, downloaded the updated version from the store, re-installed it, still can't start the APU. Perhaps worth mentioning as I suppose it could be related, but if I switch the state to "Ready for Taxi" in the EFB, or any powered state, if I switch it back to "Cold and Dark" everything doesn't turn off. All the displays are still powered, CDU is still powered, FO radio stack is still powered. Edit: Want to mention I originally updated the airplane via the ASU updater.
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