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  1. Yes! This happens EXCLUSIVELY with CRJ. It's not monitor screen brightness. It seems to be the overlay when shifting to VR mode from 2D. I'll take a screenshot to explain better.
  2. Dear Aerosoft, Getting a bit fed up with the amount of bugs present. Anyway, Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong when I want to load a pre saved .pln file? I do SELC FLT PLN > ROUTE MENU > PILOT ROUTE LIST > EGKB-EHAM.pln (for example). I get 'ROUTE LOADED'... But it doesn't load anywhere! Absolute joke... I'm having to manually enter waypoints etc Help?
  3. Hello all, When I finish a flight, quit to menu, build a new one, hit fly and then activate VR mode (I'm using Oculus Rift S), the screen brightness goes really dark. When I switch back to 2D the screen brightness returns to normal. This does not happen on the first flight I load, only when I quit to menu and load a new flight. Has anyone else come across this? I shall post a screenshot in due course, Marcus
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