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  1. It happened again this evening. Within about 10nm from airport, throttles do their own thing. Airplane wants to steer itself (autopilot is off). I idle throttles and its does absolutely nothing!
  2. Hi all, Currently I'm experiencing an issue which makes this airplane unflyable on approach. Within approaching around 10-15NM of an airport, suddenly I am no longer able to control the aircraft. It acts on its own. I disengage the autopilot and the aircraft steers on its own towards the airport, I can no longer control the throttle either. Switching off autopilot and idle ling the throttles does nothing. What's going on?
  3. I do not lack any knowledge. I have followed the steps you have mentioned to no avail..
  4. I've been loading the flight plan into the main flt plan page via Index > Route Menu etc. I get ROUTE LOADED then nothing! No legs appear, DEP and ARRV are empty! Absolute joke!
  5. Yes! This happens EXCLUSIVELY with CRJ. It's not monitor screen brightness. It seems to be the overlay when shifting to VR mode from 2D. I'll take a screenshot to explain better.
  6. Dear Aerosoft, Getting a bit fed up with the amount of bugs present. Anyway, Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong when I want to load a pre saved .pln file? I do SELC FLT PLN > ROUTE MENU > PILOT ROUTE LIST > EGKB-EHAM.pln (for example). I get 'ROUTE LOADED'... But it doesn't load anywhere! Absolute joke... I'm having to manually enter waypoints etc Help?
  7. Hello all, When I finish a flight, quit to menu, build a new one, hit fly and then activate VR mode (I'm using Oculus Rift S), the screen brightness goes really dark. When I switch back to 2D the screen brightness returns to normal. This does not happen on the first flight I load, only when I quit to menu and load a new flight. Has anyone else come across this? I shall post a screenshot in due course, Marcus
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