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  1. 1 hour ago, The Dude said:

    No new video today. I have to do a full re-install of MSFS. .  .  After seeing all that feedback about the APU and the checklist goof up I will probably do the last two videos again. 

    If indeed you do make a redo of Episode 6 please enable Closed Captions/Subtitles.  One doesn’t realize how useful they are until they are no longer available. 

    Thanks for all the hard work and for sharing your experience and knowledge.




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  2. 53 minutes ago, Rockrai said:

    Hey i´m following this topic since early Dezember last year and i cant wait to fly the crj myself :D But i have a tiny question and i cant find it beeing mentioned or answered on the last pages here: 


    I recently purchased the complete Set of the Thrustmasters Airbus set and i wanted to ask if i can use it on the CRJ whithout any key remapping or if i have to change some things in order to make it work properly whith this plane?

    Does your complete set include the add ons for Flaps and Spoilers?

    The answer depends on how you have the controllers currently setup.  Changes in assignments are very straight forward.  You will most likely want to calibrate your throttles for the proper detents and the make sure TOGA and rear thrusters are set correctly.


    You will have plenty of help in the forums as these are very popular controllers. Most users are still waiting for delivery of the add ons.

  3. I think Aerosoft might consider adding the AS/Sim-Wings Munich Airport scenery pack as a free gift to the first 550 CRJ customers. OK, maybe it should be the first 700 customers.


    If that is too much, how about a 55% discount on the Munich scenery? Or maybe 70% for the first month the CRJ is available for purchase or a total of 700 units has been sold.


    Just an idea.  Comments?

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  4. A question about the documentation:

    I read in several posts that the CRJ for MSFS will come with 5 manuals. This list was posted a few days ago listing 6 manuals. I’m hoping the list of 6 is the correct number. 

    The difference could simply be the 2 Part AOM counted as Vol1 and Vol5.



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  5. 28 minutes ago, Mathijs Kok said:

    As there are a lot of new simmers who have never used more complex add-ons and we understand they are worried about the complexity. But we have a lot of people standing by to assist and we will have an extensive manual. Attached is Vol1 (there will be 5 manuals). This is VERY much an initial version and will get many many tweaks before and after release.


    If anybody has any comment, do send it to Mathijs.Kok@aerosoft.com. If you like to help translating, please do. We intend to share this manual in 8 languages.



    Vol1.pdf 3.28 MB · 25 downloads

    A quick note:  In the Introduction, page 3, CRJ 500 s/b CRJ 550.  The youngest model is the CRJ500 which is a modified version  . . . .



  6. Well, here's a couple of things you could try:

    1. Print off this: http://www.pcwp.com/mb_conversion.html and keep it handy.

    2. When you get the pressure setting from ATC, check it against what the tooltip shows. Twiddle up or down to adjust as required., although I think you'll have to re-hover the mouse pointer each time.

    3. Create a mini-panel or use some other 2D panel with the Twotter that has suitable altimeter and make the change from there.

    Only workarounds and not solutions I know, but with the "B" function available too it's hardly a showstopper - although I can appreciate why it might be an irritation.


    Holdit, thanks for the conversion chart. I had made a much smaller one using a converter program - about every 5 millibars. Having the chart handy and using the B key should do it.

    I now need to learn about handling turboprops, especially how to slow down the plane for an approach.

    Thanks again.


  7. I'm pretty sure that if you hover the mouse pointer over the altimeter knob, the tooltip gives you the pressure setting in both formats.


    The problem is not the knowing the pressure setting, it is how to set it to the changing, current pressure. Unless one knows all the corresponding conversions and ATC only gives the reading in In Hg, and the Twotter can only be set using millibars. Duh?

    Let say I take off on an IFR flight plan and the pressure is 29.92 (1013) and I fly for 20 minutes and Approach Control makes contact and states altimeter 29.57. I check the altimeter and it is set at 29.92, If I turn the adjustment knob it reads out in millibars, this is where I am having the difficulties. I need to set it to 29.57 but I can only see millibars adjustments.

    The next transmission is from ATC stating that I am either 200 feet too high or 200 feet to low, because I do not have the correct altimeter setting.

    Most, actually every one of my addons except the Twin Otter, has a choice of millibars or In hg or only has in hg.


  8. Manual p.26 seems to fulfill all your requirements, in conjunction with the more complex `numbers` that you seem to want to disregard from the kneeboard.

    This is not a complicated aircraft. It is a STOL aircraft that is used in a any number of different situations. As the manual says in a single page, one doesn't really need anything more complex than that and if you're looking for something

    Hope this helps.

    It does help. Thanks very much.


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