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  1. PS feel free to close issue now
  2. Hi Mathijs Kok, just wanted to say thank you for the fast response to this issue, thanks to the patch, my throttle now works, i appreciate the fast response
  3. The person you were talking to above was not me, im the original poster, regardless, i did reassign these values, no change (see last post). its because i cant calibrate a button based throttle
  4. Yes, its the Alpha grip, which has a mouse wheel (scroll up is input 23 and scroll down is input 24) and in the Virpil software i had it set as encoder scroll, but also tried encoder dial, and the 2 buffered ones. In the controls page, I have throttle 1 increase 23 throttle 1 decrease 24, then throttle 2 increase 23 throttle 2 decrease 24, etc. i did have all 4 assigned, but with these issues, tried just 1, and changed efb throttle setting to single axis, but no luck. I didnt know throttle axis was a requirement, and these issues started after the new stick, so must have had my old throttle ca
  5. i just did, no difference the only throttle assignments i have is throttle 1, 2, 3, 4 increase and decrease, and a button on my stick for reverse. even removed the keyboard bindings to be sure might be something to do with throttle calibration though, as after reseting it to default, wont even power up at climb gate anymore (but now the N2 spools up, with N1 staying idle). probably something to do with the fact i control throttle on my new Virpil stick with a scroll wheel, which sees it as 2 buttons, as opposed to an axis (so wont re-calibrate in EFB). Doesnt seems to b
  6. But the lever moves correctly all the way through, its just the engine that doesnt respond (until getting to the climb gate, or as soon as i go beneath the climb gate)?! if it were mis-assigned then it wouldnt work in climb/toga, also im sure it would cause issues with other planes which it doesnt, just the CRJ.
  7. Had this issue since, but is still present in hotfix, and i find it surprising there's not more people reporting it, as its essentially game breaking?! So there's no throttle before the climb gate (the lever moves, just engines stay idle), then all of a sudden goes to climb thrust, you can get in the air (obviously using climb thrust) but as soon as you hit cruise you cant back off without engines going to idle. Seen another post that seemed more related to controllers, suggesting to delete some files but couldn't find that folder as I'm using steam (diff directory maybe?)
  8. Ive had this issue in the past with working title CJ4 and i know several people had this with other planes, and this has resolved their issue, but check your documents folder for a simconnect file/folder (mine came from the kinetic assistant) and delete it, i removed the program too, might help. I dont have this issue, but legs page is useless, just tried 3 flights and rather than add airways to the legs page, it just deletes the next in the list so basically unusable after update
  9. Theres an bug with weights, more notably, the EFB, what ever you enter in the EFB, when you click add to sim/plane, it maxes out the weights and plane responds accordingly. ive been adjusting my weights manually through the Sims weights tab, an manually entering THOSE figures into fmc perf page (zfw is just plane weight plus cargo if was unaware). just use the efb performance page to calculate VR etc, planes climb performance has been as expected since. i also find climbing at higher speeds seem to help this plane climb better (280kts an M0.75ish) , cuz if you wash off too much speed cant reco
  10. Same issue here, getting it most notably on Northbound trips
  11. ive since had 2 more flights with the Zig Zagging, an issue that wasnt there before update. currently happening on a northbound flight, so had to fly heading mode. basically cant use the plane atm
  12. i experienced something like this yesterday, just would not follow NAV (zig zagging across flight path), but heading mode held true. cant remember heading but was north-ish
  13. Been having issues with performance, worse with update one, but potentially was always there. Typically in my start up flow, i use ZFW from simbrief (for example 27456kg), and enter it under the performance tab in ZFW, but ive noticed a bug where, when i click add to sim/fms the fms always says the ZFW is 29***kgs (i assume the max) regardless of what i entered, and even in the EFB, the number jumps up from what i set. it must also add it to the sim when i click "add to sim", because the plane (after take off) starts flashing red saying MZFW EXCEEDED, its really heavy on taxi, and i struggle c
  14. Yeh same again, low on the glideslope, not as bad, but definitely fatal !! Just had a flight then, where nav mode was zig-zagging all over the place too!!
  15. Sorry, was meant for MSFS forum, will repost there
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