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  1. I had ILS problem too. Set ALT 1900, the altitude below Glideslope entry (2500). It didn't intercept GS just descend below, from some moment ignoring VS settings (I commanded -400, it descended -2000). AP tried some strange evaluations, ended up on crash a way before runaway. AP was ON, APPR ON on 4th turn. Approach was KSJC ILS30L. Speed was about 140, on flaps. Version is v1.05, updated trough ASUpdater. Nav DB is Navigraph 2105. Since 1.05 was no one successfull ILS approach. Tried two times KSJC, once KHIO (ILS 13R)
  2. I think you can make a simple solution now - working directors. Just choose fixed angle glideslope for all airfields with ILS. People will be able to follow right directors by hands. And you will have time to make full solution.
  3. Yes, you right. I've take a look into navigraph .txt for X-Plane. Way points CTADG, CRSNR and SAYAE are marked as RF in the RNAV (RNP) Z RWY27. Thank you for clarification! I think it's better to filter out such approaches, like a real aircraft do and at least to add the point about this into FAQ.
  4. Today I had a problem in a short training flight: KSAN/27 RNAV (RNP) Z RWY27 KSAN/27. I departed from RWY 27, heading same course, climbed to 6000, keeping 180-185 kts. I turned to the KLOMN, switched to AP and NAV and DIRECT TO KLOMN, entering the approach. On 6000 and 180 kts, aircraft enetred into approach scheme "RNAV Z RWY27". But after KLOMN instead of heading to AJADE and following CATDG, CRSNR and SAYAE, it just turned to CIJHI. It totally ruined the approach, such as I've got to the final on the wrong height, with the wrong speed. I attached the screenshot from this moment and it is also interesting that it did not draw the path trough these way points. On other approaches I saw same behaviour, several times. I did this short flight on CRJ 700 ver Could you advise something? Should It be reported as a bug?
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