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  1. According to the MSFS dev update the crj update was supposed to be released later today. Is there an ETA?
  2. I thought they said it was just after the release not a confirmed date. I would be shocked if it was same day personally.
  3. Thanks! I am wondering if it is my weight. I did noticed that the past few flights when I get up to cruise I get a MZFW exceeded the past few times. Is that normal?
  4. The last few flights I have looked at my EFB mid flight and noticed that I get an MZFW has been exceeded although it has looked fine at the gate. I was using data from SIMBRIEF and I have just noticed this issue. Is this normal? It happens to Cpt. Canada as well at the 49min mark as well. Just want to make sure this is normal.
  5. Thanks! I can never get the two throttles to be the same when I am in manual throttle. Is this why? I can never keep cruise speed.
  6. Sorry if this has been addressed before but shouldn't the values be the same when I calibrate the Throttle Quadrant in the CRJ. I do have the firmware and calibrated the throttle outside the sim, so I am not sure what I am missing. Engine 2 is always a little higher than Engine 1 when I am in manual throttle. It is also impossible for me to keep .74 cruise in manual unless I am doing something wrong. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  7. Not sure if I am in the right topic thread, but any reason why aerosoft won't expose the hidden lvars to make the class echo compatible with the CRJ. The product is a game changer, and if these lvars were exposed it would make it a great addition to MSFS.
  8. Thanks! I am using the Airbus TCA Throttle quadrant, and I think my engines were switched to on. I will take a look later today to see if that make a difference at all.
  9. Anytime I start the plane up from Cold and Dark the N2 goes up to 25%. Shouldn't it stay at 0% till I get the plane ready for engine start. I have tried everything and still have the issue. Here is a video of the issue:
  10. If I start my CRJ in Cold and Dark and power it up with external power why does the N2 go to 25% to start? Shouldn't it be at 0?
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