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  1. How do you get those axis names to show in fsuipc? I do not see this at all: Throttle2 Axis Set Ex1
  2. It’s not the sync the engines seem to want to go back the the green n1 numbers when in crz with small pull back movement.
  3. What is making the throttle setting match the crz n1 setting when I am in manual mode is that part of the faded system? Not complaining it very helpful but I want to understand how it works and what controls that “crz” power setting?
  4. How do I get the HUD to change from pri to say take off then any of the approach modes? I found the pdf manual for it and set the next mode I want in the secondary slot with the proper glide slope and runway distance but it does not change. I assume I am missing a step somewhere is anyone able to clear this up? Thank You
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