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  1. I see, thanks for the answer. I presume what you meant that the CRJ uses C++, and currently it is not possible to implement NDP Charts there, but only on the planes that use HTML/Javascript for displaying purposes, like FBW A32NX or WT CJ4. So are there plans for that? I'm asking, because I like the Lido charts you provide, but currently there is only a possibility to use Jeppesen charts as an integrated solution.
  2. Lately, we've seen Navigraph integration to the excellent Working Title CJ4, and recently also to FBW A32NX. I'm curious if there are plans from Aerosoft to integrate NDP similarly, so that the charts could be used direct from the plane cockpit in the mentioned aircraft or the CRJ?
  3. This happened to me today in the CRJ700. Never had this problem in the CRJ550. I'm curious which one you were flying when you ran into the problem? Too bad I didn't turn on dev mode, and checked the value for visual icing when this happened. I'll follow the discussion here, and see if I can contribute later.
  4. Here is my first flight in the CRJ. I guess the leg was quite towards magnetic north.
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