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  1. Thanks, now it’s clear, I was looking and searching in wrong direction.
  2. Yesterday I was happily flying from EGGP to EGHI. During descent, out of a sudden, I lost power and ADG was deployed. Then I was able to start APU, restart engines and land the aircraft. I went through manuals once again and searched forums, but couldn't find information what may have happened. Here are some details of what I did prior to the issue. I was given ATIS information opposite of what I expected, so I decided to change runway and STAR. I changed my flight plan and approach accordingly. (Maybe it was too late for making such a change or maybe it would be better idea to go into holding and sort things out, but it is another story). Anyway, things started to become complicated quickly, I was looking for a proper chart, trying to understand the new procedure, so I hit "esc" to pause simulation complitely. Then right after I resumed the simulation I lost power and ADG was deployed. Below is a screenshot of my cockpit state right after this happened. Anyone experienced anything like this? Was it my error with late changes to flight plan, was it a random failure (does CRJ have failures implementd) or is it a bug with pausing simulation? Cheers Adam
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