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  1. same thing for me, but i can manage it well enough by being extremely gentle with the throttle. But it is for sure not a 1:1 throttle input. 1mm movement can be 5-10 increase in N1
  2. just tested it once, my climb was fine but that was almost empty.. the neutral thrust is a lot i agree, you have to have the brakes on not for the aircraft to go forward.. never had that pre patch..
  3. i invested a lot of time setting custom views and lvars.. will i keep that if i reset the plane? i honestly rather have a broken plane than go to that LVAR nightmare again to set all my buttons. Took me a full day.
  4. Tnx for the reply, axis and ohs keeps crashing on me, so after a couple of videos and trying i kind of got what i wanted with lcars on spad.next.. only my altitude increases and decreases by 1500 when i use my rotary wheel. It is a start at least.
  5. I have exactly the same, took me a couple of hours to set the altitude select buttons with spad.next but they increase or decrease by 1500... what value do i need to change to fix that ? pfff, paid 50 euro's for the plane and another 25 euros for just to map my altitude select and it still doesnt work well.
  6. seems like an enormous hazzle to get this working, where do i put this script and how do i assign something to it?
  7. which of the first two is the easiest? really want to map altitude and vs speed to my racing wheel.. i use that as a button box as it has a lot of buttons and rotary wheels and switches.. works fine in all aircraft apart from this one, would it be easy to set that up in spad.next for instance?
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