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  1. I'm not an expert but I don't think that arming speed and lnav before takeoff is right
  2. Just use the first page where you can select the amount of passengers. And the missing weight to reach your PAYLOAD of your flightplan, you can add with forward and aft cargo. The PAYLOAD shown at the bottom of your EFB should be the same as in your flightplan. When you do this, the loading will be correct.
  3. Try mine. But it wasn't the first either. They've combined mine with an other one
  4. I think i got a sollution here. If i Copy the Data displayed on the FMS (after the Flightplan and Perf import from Simbrief) into the EFB on the "PASSENGERS AND CARGO" Page, the loading into the FMS is now correct.
  5. When I import a flightplan from Simbrief, with the "Load PERF DATA with Flightplan" option in the EFB enabled, the correct ZFW is displayed in the FMS.. After that i go to the EFB and insert the same Data from my Flightplan to get my Vspeeds and "load" the Plane with the correct weight. But there´s the Problem. When I enter the ZFW and the Fuel into the EFB and press "SET PAYLOAD IN SIMULATOR" and "COPY PERF INIT DATA TO FMS" (twice), the FMS now gives me the wrong ZFW. ((Below this message you can see the FMS after i pressed the SET PAYLOAD and COPY PERF INIT button)) Why is the Airplane so heavy now? The Data displayed on the EFB stays the same (ZFW 22000). So long story short, if i want to set the ZFW in the FMS to about 22000Kg, the EFB is loading 28715Kg into the FMS. I think i´m doing something wrong.
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