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  1. Thanks much for the advice JR. I will use this in the future.
  2. Thanks! I'm so fixated on the GS bug I must not be paying attention.
  3. Another video from a flight to LFPO. Was at 300 knts entering the turn. I think what is happening is that at a higher speed it enters the turn to early and then has to correct. This happened twice with this flight and the one prior. If it is at 250 knts or less it doesn't seem to have this problem. wideturn.mp4
  4. Attached is a video from a flight to LFPO. This is my second flight which I recorded. The first flight produced the same which made me redo it and record. The NAV is tuned to the correct ILS frequency. I was at 3000 at OLO when I switched to Approach mode. Maybe someone can see an error with what I was doing. Thanks. ilslfpo.mp4
  5. Hello Andrea and thanks for the reply. Possibly number 3 on your list. I'll keep and eye out should it happen again. Thanks!
  6. Has anyone else noticed a delay in throttle response under certain conditions? This has happened to me a few times where I'm trying to see how it flies on a ILS and I hold it, as long as I can to see how stable the ISL approach is. I'm doing around 140 knts and the plane starts to drop below the GS. I take it off of AP, go full throttle, and the plane continues to sink and the engines seem unresponsive - no way to clean up and accelerate for a missed approach. I haven't been paying attention to what the gauges say as it comes on pretty quick and you're trying to salvage
  7. First - thanks to everyone for getting the patch out quickly - well done! I went into the efb to calibrate my X52 (when the throttle problem existed I was trying to delete config files to come up with a work around) and I had to set max power then click OK to accept then open it again and set toga then click OK to accept then open again to set climb etc. I "thought" that I was able to adjust all the settings at once and then click OK. It's not a big deal either way but thought I'd mentioned it. Also the rev max is greyed out and I thought I was able to set this before.
  8. That doesn't seem to be the case...................
  9. Is there a reason why?
  10. Will the people that purchased through Aerosoft have to wait for MSFS Marketplace to post or we we have access once it is ready?
  11. With the X52 you only get a single axis throttle in MSFS Controls.
  12. I purchased mine from Aerosoft - why is mine being held up by the release on MS Marketplace? Doesn't make any sense. I must say I'm very disappointed and will think twice before purchasing anything else from Aerosoft. Sad.
  13. That's funny Mathijs (I take it with the humor as intended).
  14. Yep. What I do is plan the flight in the world screen, copy all the waypoints into simbrief, generate then export like you. Everything is in sync.
  15. I never flew the 700 but now that I found a United skin I thought I'd give it a try. I know this shouldn't make any difference but when I was flying the 550 I could never get it to capture the GS but after a few flights in the 700 it does capture and fly the GS. The closer you get to the runway the more it starts to lose vertical track (plane is too low) but at least it's working. I haven't done anything different between the 550 and the 700. I would imagine that the code is the same for both?
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