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  1. We are discussing about the Arrival bug. There is no a safe mode when a controller gives you a certain STAR and your 2h flight crashes.. it’s like a lottery. Hope developers are going to give us feedback about this. It is really a nice plane to fly but currently is grounded until the fix.
  2. No it does not, tried accidentally another star and I thought it fixed.. When entering DOSUL2T it freezes and crashes to desktop everytime. I have a dump log (3gb compressed 7z) and I will upload it later but I guess is a known issue.
  3. I can confirm this happened twice yesterday when on the ground clicking at the STAR (DOSUL2T) from EGLC to LEBB. It freezes for some secs and then CTD. Also had a ctd the day before approaching EKVG after 2 h flight. 3 on a row. Never had a problem before. I deleted the aircraft and reinstalled and seems to work ok afterwards but I haven’t done a full flight yet. I will try to create a log if this happens again (As Hans instructed). .
  4. Do you have a screenshot of the overhead and one of the pedestal panel to show us? Can you check if you have assigned “mixture,mixture 1,2 “ somewhere on your controller bindings?
  5. Clarification, From RWY16 is ARNAS 3B - Intercept MKR R163 to D10.0 MKR, turn RIGHT to MKR VOR, turn RIGHT, intercept MKR R084 to ARNAS. Happened also to me turning LEFT (Nav mode) and the SID states RIGHT. I guess that this may not be coded to the database. I am quite curious, following.
  6. This happened to me on CJ4. Also sometimes couldn’t start up. Found that I had to unassign mixture axis from my saitek throttle. Everything worked well after that.
  7. Correction : It’s not the custom Livery, happens 80% of the time . There are not external fixed viewpoints to cycle and come back to the default initial view. That’s not a direct problem with you of course, it’s a msfs bug. But you can’t apply the solution above. Even if you reset camera to initial external view and exit to VC, nothing changes. It’s a bit of luck In any case , I didn’t want my first post in the forums to be a bug report.. The aircraft is great and fun to fly and got me back to MSFS.
  8. I just had the same problem today.. it was during descent (doesn't matter I guess). Didn't use the showcase camera for this flight. Tried the fixes above but couldn't find any other external fixed camera viewpoints and ended with ADG on and all systems were unresponsive.. I could control the thrust, gears, ailerons etc, but cockpit animations and screens were stack.. This happened again yesterday during cruise but everything worked well after a while.. Any other tip? Reset or reinstall the aircraft? edit: tried with a default livery and external fixed viewpoints worked.. maybe something is wrong with custom liveries.
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