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  1. Seems to be a typo, just re-installed it and it says 1.0.9 but loaded up and the HUD is fixed so should hopefully be the new update. Happy flying.
  2. Looks like the update in the Content Manager for me failed, I've then reloaded MSFS and the CRJ is now not installed!!
  3. Not sure I like the teasing of images and videos!!! Ha Ha. Just makes me want it even more, if that is at all possible. Looks to be progressing very well. As somebody has already mentioned, definitely an instant purchase for me. I love the fact that I can come onto this forum and the people that are providing these high level products to us are interacting and being honest with us. Sheer class, cant wait. Ross.
  4. PIIQ Airways. Excellent VA with multiple hubs and flights for the CRJ.
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    Cheers guys.
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    Does TCAS work with the new update? I believe it has been working for other aircraft, just trying to figure out whether I can get it working in the CRJ700?
  7. Well I'm pretty sure that in the not too distant future I will be flying 3 x Aircraft only in MSFS. Currently flying the CRJ. Then ill hop about in the Twin Otter and then eventually long haul in the A330. What more would I need. Brilliant Aerosoft, brilliant.
  8. Incredible, looking like a must buy aircraft again from you guys. Top work.
  9. I had this occur to me in the CRJ700 the other day. First flight I had done in the CRJ above FL300. Got to about FL350 towards FL380 and then as described in this thread occurred. I had to disengage AP, nose down, re-trim and select a decrease in altitude to FL280 which is when the aircraft became stable again. I'm pretty sure I had anti-icing on but not wing anti-ice. Hopefully switching icing to 'visual only' will help.
  10. I really hope so because this aircraft is spectacular.
  11. Same for me. No FSUIPC. Everything perfect until I input a flight plan and when I get to dep/arr page, all of the panel switches and controls don't work. The top panel worked but I also noticed that roll was animated on the control yoke still but yaw and pitch weren't. I've not been able to fly the CRJ for 2 days, so frustrating. Back to FBW then. Genuinely gutted.
  12. Hello, Please can someone try and help, this issue is driving me nuts? When I try and enter a simple flight plan into the FMS and press execute, nothing happens apart from some spurious distance displayed in top left corner of MFD. For example, I am trying to enter a simple flight plan from EGNT to EIDW which is about 160nm. I enter all the details on the act fplan page and press execute. Nothing appears on the MFD apart from the distance of 2037nm. A flight path doesn't appear and the VIA box doesn't fill with anything. I've watched the tutorials a number of times but I'm stumped! Please help.
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