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  1. All my issues with throttle calibration have been solved by leaving the throttle calibration window open on the aerosoft display. Calibration doesn't work at all when this window is closed, and works perfectly when it's open
  2. Also, 20 FPS isn't the bottom limit of where you can go....if I zoom in on the PFD/MFD I drop to 10-15 FPS even after zooming out
  3. As I stated, I have no problem importing most flight plans from SimBrief into the CRJ. It is the specific flight plan, that I attached, that is giving me problems. When I try to manually specify the destination (KGAI), it says "NOT IN DATABASE," whereas other airports it has no problems locating
  4. So most of the SimBrief plans I've tried have worked, but some show me a "Load Error" message, as opposed to the success message "Route Loaded (Msg)" I've tried creating flight plans using all 3 AIRAC versions available to me on Navigraph (2102, 2013, 1903) and I have downloaded the latest Navigraph FMS data using their Aerosoft CRJ manual downloader, but this one with KJFKKGAI (attached) just refuses to work for me. Anyone have any suggestions? KJFKKGAI.flp
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