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  1. No working jetways at my end either..... Not on AI nor on the CRJ.
  2. Hi again One of the biggest advantages is that this program reads L-vars. With the AS CRJ, "MasterWarning = L:ASCRJ_GSC_MASTER_WARN_ON == 1" will make the Master Warning light flash on the throttle if it flash in the cockpit. I've made this additon to the Better Bravo Lights .ini file to adapt it to the Aerosoft CRJ. See txt file attached. Best regards Ole-Christian ASCRJ.txt
  3. I'm using this little program in replacement for the Honeycomb Bravo Throttle lights tool (AFC bridge) to control the Bravo lights. https://flightsim.to/file/21253/better-bravo-lights This program makes it possible to make separate configurations for different airplanes. Regards.
  4. Sorry to miss that line in the manual, but may be somone may have a advice on how to fix this issue, or may be a workaround?
  5. Hi Thank you for a nice and affordable addon 🙂 One problem: All AI planes are missing navigation lights. On ground the taxi lights are visible. Regards Ole-Chr.
  6. I can confirm this issue. Appears randomly as described above. When this happens I only need to go back to the main menu and load the flight once again. Its independent of airport.
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