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  1. You'd imagine they'd put out a hotfix if they're saying that they fixed the problem seeing how important throttle and engine behaviour is.
  2. When you say it's now been solved. Do you mean it's working in the public release now? Or in the developer version that isn't public yet until the next update.
  3. Yep N1 still does it's little dance whenever increasing or decreasing the throttle. Don't tell me the real jet's thrust goes down and then up whenever the throttle is advanced. I don't understand why Aerosoft couldn't make the throttles in the sim function the same way as every other plane in the sim. Aerosoft deciding to make the reversers work differently messed up something with how the thrust is applied.
  4. Assuming the developers know what this is, is this something that's still to come or do you create waypoints using a different format from 'WAYPOINT/DISTANCE/CUSTOMNAME' eg. 'LESBO/-13/LESB13'.
  5. I'm afraid you're wrong. The axis is fine. The virtual throttle in the cockpit moves perfectly in sync with everyone's real throttle. The N1 and N2 is what's acting up.
  6. Hi. Yes this issue is apparently true for ALL T16000M throttles currently (advancing throttle causes N1 and N2 to drop by a few percent, before increasing overall. Resulting in a loss of power for about 2 seconds each time the throttle is advanced forward). Hopefully this issue will be fixed soon.
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