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  1. had just another CTD using another payware plane... i installed the latest supported Visual C++ lib`s from here (1`st & 2`nd dl): The latest supported Visual C++ downloads (microsoft.com) That finaly fixed it for me.
  2. thx, mine run stable again after editing some aircraft.cfg`s where i had to set "isAirTraffic = 0" (mostley new installed liverys i forgot about to check) also including some Asobo planes/liverys including those generic planes i dont like. Basicaly i use "ivao_x-csl" models only again.
  3. CTD again while sitting in a different payware plane while switching fuel cut off... yesterday all went ok while using Asobo default plane... update: CTD after about 20 minutes flying Asobo default plane (touched nothing while it happened)... seams the problem is at least not coming from the CRJ !
  4. CTD today while entering a ICAO into the scratchpad while sitting @LFSB (Marketplace), the loading time before was very long (like loading the plane 1st time).
  5. Hi, here are some examples how it could look like, especially the MCP view need care as you should be able seeing what MCP ALT selected. Would also reccomend assigning hotas buttons for the views as you will need them over and over again (even with TrackIr i assigned 9 views). ...for the landing ALT (cabin ALT) you need to popout the relevant CRT screen by clicking on it (RightALT key + LeftMouse click for a bigger framed version).
  6. not shure but mp sounds should be easy to do ? ....i miss the sounds a lot im mp, it eat much immersion using the drone spotting other guys taxing.
  7. ...you think you are such a smart guy... but you didnt understand the purpose of my post above
  8. good to hear, when will it be ready and what does it cost $$ ?
  9. seams they just need to to set the default vars together with their addon Lvars, like for seatbelt switch and so on etc... dont know why but these simple var inconsistences are sooo oooold already, it have a addon beard about 20 years long, pretty realistic this day`s with barber shops in lockdown. (seams to be a SDK problem again)
  10. will the future bring it then ? ...i mean it is realy demanded isnt it ?
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