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  1. Is there a reason there is no United livery for the 550 anymore? I did a complete re-install after deleting every folder with "aerosoft" in the name. I can see the texture files in the file system, but the livery is not showing in the sim.
  2. I am using single axis and had to assign it to THROTTLE 1 AXIS instead of the THROTTLE AXIS. Works fine then. But need to restart the sim after landing because the throttle does not work at all anymore after loading at a new location...
  3. I am using here a tool named Axid and Ohs. With it you can set so called lvars to use almost all functions of the CRJ. I use it here for the alpha and bravo.
  4. This also means that we cannot use any switches or knobs on our controlers. I have the hardware from Honeycomb, and no switches or knobs on the alpha and bravo are working. Very annoying. Espacially in VR where I do not want to have to use the mouse all the time.
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