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  1. Having read the recent bank angle post I’m just wondering out loud whether the issue is bank angle/ anticipated bank angle related in some way? Most people reporting this issue (me included) would say that the flight director is commanding a set turn but the rate commanded is too much too soon. This leaves the flight director behind the curve because it now has to correct the early turn by turning away, this then further increases the error... Is the bank angle commanded initially too high? What if it were limited to the anticipated turn rate?
  2. Me too. The bank angle is often 30 degrees no matter the correction required which may be why the aircraft overshoots the required LNAV path and then tries to correct but overshooting again. It reminds me of PID loop not being correctly tuned.
  3. What about this one? The aircraft tracked outbound from the VOR then initiated a left turn to 187 THEN turned left to intercept the localiser instead of turning right to 007 first.
  4. I hope that this could be incorporated too, it’s quite difficult to see the selected altitude in VR. From the photo posted it looks like the font could be larger but also the scale of the PFD as a whole could be a bit larger? The vertical alignment of the numbers from 1/2BNK down the speed tape and then the selected Mach number is a good example of where you can find the space.
  5. Yes I’ve noticed this too after the upgrade. No big deal but adds some steps to getting setup and “comfortable” in my seat.
  6. Hi, I was on an approach into EGCC via MCT for ILS 05L which requires a procedure turn to intercept the runway heading but the aircraft turned left again after the turn to 187 degrees instead of right as the LNAV path showed. Is the logic to turn in the direction of the smallest angle? Why did the flight director not follow the correct path? Thanks.
  7. Thanks for looking into the pitch issues. I haven’t had time to properly evaluate what’s going on with my setup but after landing at the correct speed as per the EFB the nose will not come down until 60 KTS! That is spoilers deployed and then reversers spooled up. I had a couple of take offs where it would come off the ground all on it’s own and a lot of nose down trip is required but also two takeoffs where I needed to pull a bit at VR and then relex a bit then I would need full aft on the stick just to stop it settling back down. Both are with the default MS load and only using the EFB to set weight and FMS speeds. My guess would be that the weight is off because the EFB isn’t setting the correct values even though the V speeds are correct and so is the required trim (about 5.8 in both cases as per EFB at about 1000KG under max take off weight).
  8. I’m having trouble with the FADEC for this jet but also the CJ4 (WT). In both jets I cannot reliably set the thrust I want, it makes keeping the speed right very difficult. for example I set 75% and 5 seconds later it’s just settling on 79%!
  9. When I select a lower altitude for descent and press the speed button the PFD shows the selected speed (300 in this case) but the aircraft pitches for about 310 or more. adding speed brake pitches the nose down further and increases the speed.... Am I misunderstanding the speed mode?
  10. I agree that the sound file used is odd. Whilst I certainly don’t want to disagree with pilots who actually fly the CRJ for a living, the sound in my sim is like the wind coming in from a doorway or something. To be clear, I mean is that it constantly changing in pitch and amplitude as if I am in a room with the door open during a windy day not a constant, loud wind sound on a windscreen.
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